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Wellness For Life Beware of Emotional Dependency

Author: marlkonim
Love can be defined as a vague feeling where the significance of giving is more important than receiving for bringing about wellness for life. Undoubtedly, no feeling in this world is as exciting and stimulating as the feeling and emotion of being in love. Many of us have entered into this beautiful and lovely relation in our lives. We love our soul mates to extreme levels, but we still face problems in our relationship. Do you know the cause of these problems? Have you thought of them? Let us find out the answers to these questions.

The divine and delightful feeling of \'Love\' can only be felt when the relation is based on true love. This feeling is not there if the relation is based on physical attraction or dependence whether it is physical or emotional. The love, which is based on physical desires and sexual attraction, can easily be distinguished from the rest. Such a relation will last only until the time the physical desires and lust are satisfied.But, how can a person differentiate whether he or she is experiencing true love or is in an emotionally dependent relationship which he or she might be merely dragging?

If yours is a case is of emotional dependency, you might experience a feeling of euphoria. These overjoyed feelings make you feel that you are in love. You consider your partner as an angel who has been sent for you by God from heaven. Although there is nothing erroneous in this feeling, but you should think about your relationship for some time and reply to a question - When you notice some characters and habits in your partner and you don\'t like them, do you feel disgusted being with him or her? If yes even, then do you feel that you are still in love with him or her?

Many people love their partners even when they have been betrayed, cheated and ignored by them. This is the expression of an internal conflict that is going in the mind and heart of these people. These cannot be explained even by the person who is experiencing these feelings. This internal conflict is a major symptom reflecting emotional dependency.

Relationships that are based on emotional dependency do not last for very long duration and it cannot bring wellness for life. This is because the motive behind them being selfish. In such kinds of relationships, people feel frustrated, stressed, and suffocated and in spite of all these negative feelings they find it impossible to drop that relationship. So it can be concluded that emotional dependency is about your expectation from your partner. On the contrary true love is what you wish to give.
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