Saturday, 27 July 2013

A self empowering vision

By James Kyle

In the last post I discussed one tool that was encouraged at the University of Santa Monica - that of keeping a journal looking at recurring life patterns. Another exercise we were encouraged to do as part of the course was to formulate a living vision. Here is my own personal response to this:

I am fully present in the moment, expressing myself clearly and authentically, and trusting that my universe is a safe supporting place. I am communicating with myself and others in a positive way, experiencing a spiritual connection which is the foundation for a joyful, playful self-expression. I am experiencing and fully engaging in the flow of the universe, being filled with dynamic energy that is transforming my life. I am connecting with people from this vital center, radiating health and well being to myself and others. I am finding that supporting myself in achieving greater level of health is fun and easy, and naturally, effortlessly this becomes an integrated part of my life from this point on. I am utilizing my intuition to assist me in making self-honoring choices. I am realizing the wisdom of the phrase, ‘excellence not perfection’, supporting myself in moving out of judgment into a position of loving self-acceptance. On the physical plane all of this is contributing to ever increasing feelings of well being and vitality, empowering and balancing my own immune system to come into alignment with my body’s highest good. As my body is achieving greater balance the health challenges which I have experienced up until now are fading away: they were symptoms which were informing me of my need to re-align the focus of my life, and as I do so, the symptoms melt away. I am experiencing life as becoming ever simpler, as my life becomes one of loving service to myself and others.

What would yours be?

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