Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happiness - 13 Steps To Maximum Happiness!

By Jackson Tan

1.Set a goal and achieve it! - By setting a desired end in mind, it allows one to be able to concentrate fully on achieving the goal. When one goes through the process of gaining his/her targets, the person becomes satisfied and happy. It is a great feeling.

2.Smile everyday. – Having a smile on the face and trying to be angry is difficult. By smiling, it influences our state of mind. It makes one feel good and others who seen the smile feel good as well.

3.Positive mindset and attitude – What we focus, expands. Same goes with our attitude and perception in things. Adopt a positive mindset and look at the ‘good’ things. With a positive attitude, makes the best out of everything, don’t focus on the can’ts, focus on the cans. You be happier that way.

4.Relax and enjoy life. – Life is hectic and fast paced in this modernize era. We need to learn and take time out to adore ourselves. Meanwhile, learn to enjoy life and have fun at the same time. Relax our mind give us a enjoyable feeling.

5.Do what you love. – We always have something that we love to do and whenever we are able to do it, we feel great. However, sometime, it is difficult to pursue the things that we enjoy, but we can learn to love the things we do and be happy.

6.Be your true self. – Stop putting a mask on your face when you walk out of the house, it’s tiring. Be true to your inner heart. Buy things that you really like but do not overspend. Learn to accept things as some are not within our control.

7.Be a student and learn new things – The world is our teacher and everyone around us will be giving us lessons in some ways or another. Have a learning heart and learn from failures/mistakes and your life will be better and happier.

8.Giving. – The ability to give is a great feeling. When we have the luxury of giving others who are less fortunate, we feel happy as we are helping them.

9.Healthy lifestyle. – Health is very important on our life. Having a healthy lifestyle is a perfect platform to build our happiness. Without health, is almost impossible to be really happy.

10.Wish the best for others and mean it. – Don’t be selfish and only care for yourself. Wishing the best for others and they will in turn wish the best for you. You feel better and happy for them too.

11.Self control. – Discipline is needed if you want to achieve something; it is the same case for having happiness. There are some must dos and some must not. We need to self control in order to complete the task.

12.Appreciate the world. – Thank God in whichever religion you are faithful in. Life is short and we must learn to appreciate the world. Blaming others do not make us happier.

13.Good friends and companion. – With good friends and a good relationship, you should be happy!

About the Author: Jackson Tan is an University student who wants to promote and spreads the word of HAPPINESS to the whole world. He believes that everyone can be Happy as long as they choose to. For more free information on Happiness, go to

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