Saturday, 22 June 2013

A book full of wise words

By James Kyle

"in trying to describe excellent mental health, and compare it with ill-health, and with the 'average' health in between ... it's difficult not to talk as if they are quite different from one another ... But in fact, our level of health is changing all the time. We feel more healthy in our better moments ... when things are going well ...And we can all feel less healthy under stress ..."

Healthy people "don't seem to keep score, make accounts, or keep an eye on the emotional books to make sure they balance ... they have such an abundance of goodwill and enjoyment that they can give freely just because they feel like doing so, without any element of calculation".

Healthy people are "capable of great intimacy and affection; but they also feel self-sufficient and confident and free, so they don't need each other desperately. When they are apart they can cope perfectly well indeed, they enjoy themselves thoroughly!"

"No human feeling needs to be a cause of shame. Therefore, the children experience no need to hide things, to confuse, to distort, or otherwise cloud what they experience. Sexuality, anger, envy, they're all regarded as a natural part of human experience".

Also covering such topics as "Laughing as intimacy", "Embracing new ideas", "Accepting failings", "Re-discovering play" and "Fulfilment in later life" why would you not want to read this wonderful book: "Life and how to survive it" by the founder of the Institute for Group Analysis, Robin Skynner, and John Cleese. Yes, that John Cleese - so it is engaging and amusing too. What's not to like? This is one of my favourite books that describes in detail what it is like to live a healthy powerful life. It can be found on Amazon here.

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