Thursday, 1 August 2013

Communication breakdown

By James Kyle

I recently shared this quote in this post: "The work we do on ourselves, whether it's psychological, or spiritual, is not meant to get rid of the waves in the ocean of life, but for us to learn how to surf". Ken Wilber

And while I am getting better at this metaphorical surfing, I still find myself falling off all too often. Recently I have had a few occasions where life has reminded me once more how disempowering judgment is and how damaging this can be to relationships. The trick is of course is not to exacerbate the situation by going into self judgment about this, but simply learn the lesson, and move on.

Communication breakdown

Mood and tongue dissent

Frameworks contrive against each other

Meaning is lost in understanding

Meaning is found in differences

Communication breakdown

Hurt and wounds multiply

Words are barbed and hooked

Senses are confused by offerings

Mismatched by actions in deed

Communication breakdown

Withdrawal becomes attack

No words become communication

Blame is now the victor

Intimacy is now the cost

Communication break

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