Saturday, 3 August 2013

The Dying: Not Just Patients, But Teachers

There is a useful thought experiment that we should all perform every now and again called the rocking chair test. The idea is to think of yourself, much older than you are now, sitting in your rocking chair on the porch reflecting on your life and considering what you could have done better and what are your regrets. The idea, of course, is to determine to take the necessary action steps now so that you don't have these regrets later in life.

The video clip below of Danielle Zeder really brings this into focus. As she says, 'When people hear I enjoy Hospice nursing, they say "Oh my God, how can you do that, it's so depressing!" Actually, it is the complete opposite. People faced with their own mortality are usually the most insightful life teachers. Who better to absorb life's valuable lessons from than those who are facing the end of their own journey?'

This video is about five minutes long.

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