Thursday, 12 September 2013

Letting go of the Past

By: Annette Young

Letting go of the past may be difficult but it is the best way to be able to move forward in life. As mere mortals, we struggle to let go of those bad situations and those negative emotions and events can overshadow all of the good things in life. We have to remember that the past is over and done with. There is only the present and we have to make the best of it. If we only focus on the past, we will not be able to grow as individuals. Worse, the past with all of its negativities can wreak havoc with our emotional and physical health too. You will no doubt have experienced times where it was difficult to manage your emotions and your own health felt less than adequate. It’s a slippery slope where the past can encroach painfully on the present.

Of course not all events from our pasts are harmful or destructive, but it is the times when you have been emotionally hurt through the actions of someone else or, through making a terrible mistake, that are the powerfully damaging occurrences, leading to significant trauma on a psychological and emotional level. Letting go of the past doesn’t mean letting go of experiences, but recognizing that it had its day and being ready to move on and embracing the future.

Frenee Dellossa, author of, ‘Free Your Mind Right Now,’ states that, ‘our minds are like a computer. Every life experience, good or bad, is kept within its confines and stays there. When life intrudes or a situation arises that reminds us of the past, what comes to the fore is what we already know. It will start the mind rolling again and it reverts to the experience of the past.’

If this is the case, this means that we are forever in a trap of unlimitless repetition and it will quite literally stunt our growth unless we make significant changes.

Frenee also believes that, ‘If we dwell on it, the same scenario can influence our thought processes and distort our thinking. It will set you back instead of helping you to move forward. It’s worse if it’s something that you fear. Realize that whatever you fear comes true. That is how strong fear is.’

There is no magic wand to learning to let go. It’s a case of making that conscious decision to make positive changes in your life instead of holding on to a past that is fraught with emotional turmoil. Sadly, we are what we have experienced, so embracing a new way of living can be instrumental to a healthier, happier life.

Typically, we are hard on ourselves. But the best thing that we can do is to try and forgive ourselves for any mistakes we have made, for example, poor choices that might have turned sour. It is just life. If you can learn to forgive yourself, you can eventually move onto forgiving others and this is the most powerful self-healing tool you can access.

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