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How do I stop stress in my life?

By Nerissa Scott

Each day, before you walk in to work, do you feel as though you can never get ahead? Do you feel a sense of resentment that you let your life go on as far as it has... with you being unhappy? Do you feel like you are overtaken with the mundane sense of going along with your life each day, only to repeat the same thing the next day? So how do you make a fed up person, miserable... add stress and depression together. Do you want to be that person, or have you already reached that level? What is stopping you from managing your time and your life? Realizing your life is important. Where will you be when your neighbor realizes their worth? It is understandable that you think about your obligations first, but what about you? Don't let depression take over you. The time to take control is now!

How to create an environment for cultivating a happier you?

Step 1- Love your imperfections, love your kids mistakes and don't worry so much

Step 2- Each day; make certain that you take the time to pamper yourself with something that makes you "melt inside," for lack of a better phrase… You deserve it, and if anyone tells you otherwise—they are wrong!

Just make sure that it doesn't negatively affect your well-being or the well-being of others, you know

Step 3- Set goals! For yourself, AND have each member of your household set clear and realistic goals as well. The key to successfully achieving them is to write them down and put them in a place where they are visible and can be revisited throughout the day.

Always start with goals that may seem meaningless, as these always have the greatest impact on our lives. For example, you can start by setting the daily goal to dedicate five minutes without distraction, to listen to your little one (or even your husband for that matter.)

Many of us have a habit of multitasking and we forget that something so small can positively affect the person we are listening to, in addition to ourselves. Why? Because we are not stressed from trying to complete a task while someone we care about is attempting to tell us something that may well be important to them. Once we dedicate this small amount of time to listening, we can carry on with our tasks without distraction!

We all have aspect of our life snapshots that remain unclear for years, maybe even decades; nonetheless, no single task, endeavor, obligation, or person should prevent us from achieving pure happiness. The next piece of information that I am going to share with you was passed to me from my grandma, who has showed me a lifetime of inspiration and joy. By writing this for all to see, it is almost therapeutic for me, knowing that I can reach at least one person as they are experiencing a rough patch in their life. (Smile)

What my grandmother has shared with me… Each day, look at your reflection in the mirror & say to yourself: "I am a very important person and I am special. If I don't take care of myself, I can't take care of others." As a rule of thumb, I encourage you—as my grandmother has to me, to make it a ritual to do this each morning before you begin your day and each night before you retire. This worked to the highest degree for me, and I am certain that you will benefit greatly from it as well. Lastly, it would be wise for you to just believe in yourself. Do not let depression have control over your world. To avert continuing stress related mood concerns, it is imperative for you to set clear goals and believe in yourself. You have my full support and encouragement!

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