Saturday, 11 January 2014

How do You Want to Play Your “Authentic Being” Game?

By: Nat Smith

It appears that there are different levels of Authenticity that you can live at. All as true and authentic as another, but different levels in which we can play our “authentic being” game here.

Some people are focused on living authentically as far as saying what they feel, doing things they love and are true for them, spending time with people they chose, and basically not putting on any front to different people, instead just being completely themselves in all situations.

However on another level, as I have observed, there is also authentic living from the infinite viewpoint… seeing that the human self is essentially the Egoic self, but underneath there also exists a ‘Real Self’; the Self that is consciousness itself and upon recognition of this, you choose to live from this perspective.

From this perspective you are nothing more than the witnessing of life that takes place through the body. You realise you are not your body; You are the pure authentic consciousness that moves through it.

This is certainly my take and focus on authentic living in recent years. Not to discount the absolute importance of speaking your truth, doing what you love and having genuine connections with people; but I see this more as what I would naturally be drawn to doing when I really live my truth as consciousness itself moving through this human form.

When I live from my truth that I am consciousness and that the entire outside world is purely my reflection, then there is no possibility of feeling the fear of judgment from others about how I live. It is only when the ego kicks in that I can possibly get tripped up and start going back into my head, telling myself stories of what I ‘think’ is happening.

I am in the process of rereading ‘A New Earth’ by Eckhart Tolle. An incredible book that dives into the ego and how it manifests in the individual and collective mind of us all.

In it, Eckhart brilliantly describes that all your thoughts, emotions, judgments, illnesses and suffering in life, are not You. They are games the ego plays with you, pretending to be you.

He goes on to say that your ‘true self’ sits beyond all of the human and worldly form, and has simply been covered up by the egoic mind, and the sense of ‘I’ that exists within our world. He states that it is the ‘I’ - the desire to make everything about ourselves and take it all so personally, that causes every bit of our suffering here on earth.

This is certainly my finding in my own life experience over the past decade, and it certainly is the findings of many of the people I share my journey with; that by making everything that happens in this world personal, through the sense of ‘I, me and mine’ I suffer non stop. As soon as I recognise that I am just presence in this moment and that the sense of ‘I’ is simply my ego (my mind) wanting to gain control, the pain stops.

As soon as I see that the human game here is just that, a human game, and if I see that I am an infinite spiritual being come into form to have an experience here… to express myself, create and explore this wondrous world that I have created for myself, then suddenly my whole world opens up and I am free to be ME. Free of the mind that tells me I am limited, and free of my thoughts and judgments that my world is anything less than perfect.

Now there’s some authenticity worth playing with!

About the Author: Nat Smith is an author, mentor and the co-Publisher of ‘Into-Me-I-See’ Digital Magazine, facilitating the collaboration of many of the world’s leading Conscious Wayseers to share their wisdom and raw life experiences. Please go to to download all of our issues for FREE.


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