Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How You Can Clinch Your Dream Job

By Folorunsho Komolafe

The reason why the labour market is choked up with unemployed graduate is as a result of effect of global recession. The impact of the global recession is evident on the large number of applicant that attend interviews that only require few intake. Many employee have also lost their jobs due to company downsizing. The competition between jobseeker trying to clinch the job of their dream is on the high side and also the needed logistic for employer to employ competent employee is tedious because of the process that is needed to screen large number of job applicants. The question is how can you clinch your dream job on any economy?. One of the key needed for job seeker to clinch their dream job is creativity,job seeker who are intending to securing employment have to be information technology ready,this means that such individual most learn basic computer and presentation skills.

Employer are no longer ready to start training people on those areas. It is very glaring that employers assume that you are IT ready fit into the job system, so it is very important that you acquire the right skill for the job of your dream before going forward to ask for employment.

Acquiring the following skill could boost your chances of clinching your dream job.

F u n c t i o n a l S k i l l s :

Skills that can be applied in many diverse settings. Examples: verbal and written communication, research, problem solving, computer programming.

S p e c i f i c C o n t e n t S k i l ls :

Skills specific to certain careers. Examples: Psychological research, financial analysis, accounting, foreign language.

A d a p t i v e S k i l l s :

Self-management skills such as patience, time-management, warmth, and reliability: skills which help a person adapt to schedule, setting, and people in the work place.

Many skills are also t r a n s f e r a b l e - they transfer from one job, project or experience to another.Analytical, problem solving, learning a foreign language, computer facility, research, and writing skills developed in academic course work in any field transfer to many other areas of real world work.

T h e  1 0 “ H o t ”  T r a n s f e r a b l e  S k i l l s  A c c o r d i n g  t o  E m p l o y e r s

1. Budget Management

2. Supervising

3. Public Relations

4. Coping with Deadlines

5. Negotiating

6. Speaking

7. Writing

8. Organizing, managing, coordinating

9. Interviewing

10. Teaching/Instructing

It is important that you should be able to assess your skills so that you know what you have to work with and so you can convey these skills to a prospective employer.

If you are web-savvy, you could also set up your own website to present unique profession face to the world. Done well this can improve your communication skills,initiative and creativity to a great extend, thereby adding more value to your professional shop window .

Another basic tool you can ultilise is to prepare a top-notch curriculum vitae, this will go a long way in ensuring that you stand out among many that will profitability be young for the same job.

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