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What is a Job?

By Cally Rao

Well , if you had never asked yourself this question it’s time you did pull up a chair and ponder it .A ‘job’ is one of the most important things you ‘re going to be engaged in and it would appropriate a gigantic chunk of all of your time , of all the days of your life on earth.The dictionaries define a ‘job’ as ‘Work done on a regular basis for which you are remunerated’.The average worker now holds 10 different jobs before age 36 – why these rollovers?

So what is a job ? It’s more than and isn’t just about clocking in and out at work.A job is the high road to your dreams.And dreams are what inspire, imbue , cheer and energize your labors .Whatever it is that you want to achieve or whatever you want to be comes/has to come out of work that you pursue .The work that you do is the branding of you .The way you do things and how you do them .Your skills , ideas , passions and energies project your persona ,your individuality, the real you.You are the casting director of the dramas of your life.

If you are enduring , grinding and gnashing at work then it wouldn’t be long before you end up on burnout’s hospital beds.One of the reasons we too often collapse into the pits or trenches of burnout is we never perhaps asked ourselves if the work that we are doing is somehow the substance we are made of , the real cogs and wheels of us , the blueprints that’s you.Reeling from job to job isn’t necessarily pursuing financial well being or chasing a right choice.One day you will sit there, frustrated beyond your ken and you might just throw in the towels over driving your life . It’s then, that you’ll come to the fork on the road and have to decide whether to quit or to push on and persevere through the brambles and the bushes.Whether you spend the rest of your life writhing about “what could have been”, or writing about your successes will rest on you.

A job like everything else in life can get jaded.The original passion can fizzle out.The romance goes out of why you are at work , where you are.And when that happens your moods will certainly be wobbly feet. Your job can also go out of existence if your company folds up , outsources workstations or the economy is behaving badly .You could quickly be on unemployed street.And what about health scares ? A job is also about wealth , freedom and independence . Not matching yourself against the job or jobs you ought to be doing would be squandering the enormous promise and potential of your life ,skills,talent and purposes . Many who have just walked into jobs or jumped into one at the insistence of friend or kin or peer pressures have gone on to feel incarcerated in joyless labor . Feeling incarcerated , unless dealt with, will bleed you of the joys one can get out of work and strip you of enthusiasms.A life well lived both for yourself and the loved ones will depend on the work you personally have committed yourself to do.

Beware of taking refuge in visions of a wonderful life just ahead somewhere down the road no matter what you do or how things are on the ground now and today.Just plod on , the whispers say.The Government is going to take care of all that ,wouldn’t it? ‘Life will work itself out or swing into my favor somehow, someday’,you tell yourself. That ,‘tomorrow’ everything’s gonna be fine.All you have to do is sit still,divine and wait it out.This living in the future can be emotionally seductive. People gain some kind of emotional satisfaction from constructing fantasies of a future life tomorrow that it’s gonna be a walk through daisy fields even though that tomorrow is not in their sights today nor are they grasping the tails of those wonderful tomorrows .This trap, the clinging to blind belief , that the sun's gonna shine on you tomorrow is so alluring , it's captives see their actions as haloed and keep basking themselves in the thoughts and lie , forever . Push yourself on before burnout, exhaustion and a loss of will, roast you. The 'tomorrow' that has had you so seduced so long may never come a‘knocking on the door or chime the doorbell! But by then your life would have gone to cobwebs.The biggest lie that anyone can ever tell you is that all is safe and nothing can go wrong.Stop drifting in and out of remembering that.

Beat the 'tomorrow trap'. Keep stepping forwards. It would be worthwhile recalling Theodore Roosevelt’s piece of wisdom:"Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing".

Stop divining .Write down your goals and hitch yourself to a job on which you are you.

Take that one small step towards your future but a giant step out of obliviousness.

About the Author: Cally Rao had been a former Manufacturing Manager ,is now a college instructor and a passionate believer in individual entrepreneurism. Check out her resource now :

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