Saturday, 3 May 2014

Give Your Memory a Boost With a Walk Down Memory Lane

By Kevin P. Green

With all of the different memory techniques out there, it's no wonder people who are trying to beef up their recall abilities feel completely overwhelmed. Naturally it's difficult to try to learn and incorporate multiple methods into a streamlined system that works well for you. One of the best pieces of advice is to find one technique, use it frequently, and master it. Just like any tool, a technique for memorizing must be practiced before you can expect to become proficient with it.

One of the most successful memory enhancement techniques is "The Journey Method" which is extremely powerful yet very easy to follow. The basic principle of this process is to associate information with places along a route that you are familiar with. The idea is for objects that you encounter on a regular basis becomes pegs to hang the facts you are trying to memorize on. For example, if you need to remember the names and faces of the board members you have to present to later in the day, picture each one of them at different points along your drive to work. Have each person tell you their name and interact in a silly way with the object. The crazier the better and the more apt the details will be to stick.

Your journey doesn't even have to be through a real place. You can use a city from an online video game. Many people use the house that they grew up in, even though they moved away years ago. The location doesn't really matter. The most important thing is that there are identifiable landmarks which are extremely familiar to you.

There are several distinct benefits to using the Journey Method.

By associating details with different landmarks, it's quite easy for you to remember this information whenever you want. You can store a large amount of unrelated data with this method since each fact gets associated with its own object, and you can add as many objects from your setting as you need.

This technique also has the added benefit of being non-linear. In other words, you are not obligated to retrieve facts in a linear fashion, either from beginning to end, or vice versa. Since you have all of your information tied to specific objects, you can go right to the landmark you need and recall that particular detail.

One point of debate regarding this method is whether to use a new route and landmarks each time you want to remember a new set of data, or should you just go back and overwrite the previous details. Researchers are mixed on this topic, and there are arguments for both sides. Try to use the same path multiple times, but consider changing some of the conditions, like the lighting, time of day, weather, billboards, or other details which can make that study session unique.

There is good reason that this memorizing technique has been used for centuries. The Journey Method is both easy to learn and reliable and makes remembering details a snap.

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