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Knowing What Turns You On

There are so many people who want more out of life. I regularly talk with many people who know they want something different but have absolutely no idea what that 'different' might be. Many people are simply bored or unhappy where they are at in their lives - whether it's because their stuck in an unloving relationship, they hate the job they're doing or, perhaps, they've simply been doing the same job for so long that they're getting nothing out of it anymore.

Do you want more out of life? Because, if you do, you're going to have to get some idea of what that more might be. There's little point in longing for something else without knowing what that something else might look like and feel like. In other words, you've got to have some idea of what would excite you - what would turn you on. Otherwise, you'll never have a compelling enough reason to awake from the deadly slumber of normal living, where normal people are prepared to settle for their lot in life.

In recent conversation with a client who has been working in the same job for over a decade, I was struck by the extent to which she had no idea whatsoever of what she wanted to do with her life. She was looking at her options from the normal narrow-minded perspective of her perceived strengths and weaknesses, her past work experience and, most tellingly, her perceived need to pay her bills. You may find those last few words rather strange - bills are real, they have to be paid. But unless you're an absolute idiot, you're not going to do something that, from a position of financial comfort, would jeopardise your ability to meet your commitments.

Unfortunately, however, our commitments always seem to come uppermost in our minds. This is confirmed by various different recently published research findings in Ireland, UK, US and EU. This research concludes that the normal person is obsessed with money and fearful of not having enough of it - whatever 'enough' might actually mean. In other words, this obsession is endemic - over the centuries, our obsession with money has become part of the human condition. And it is this obsession that is tying you down in your mundane life and holding you back from the life that you really and truly want. So, forget about your financial commitments - they will be more than adequately looked after if you put your heart's desire first. I'm not suggesting that you be silly about deciding what you might like to change in your life, I'm simply suggesting that there needs to be a very different order to your priorities.

And, in setting your priorities, you need to know what would really - and I mean really, really - turn you on. You need to capture your own imagination with something your subconscious finds irresistible. You need to know what you would leap out of bed for in the morning. You need to be running towards that ideal life rather than running away from the unfulfilling life that you already have. So, you need to know what would excite you. And if you could get the opportunity to do what really turns you on, you must remember, you'll never work another day in your life - because there's a world of difference between working for a living and a labour of love. You need to know the kind of lifestyle you want to live - I'm not talking about cars, mansions, condos by the sea (but I'm not excluding them either) - I'm talking about what it would be like to feel that you had arrived - whatever 'having arrived' means for you. Most importantly from the perspective of your all-important subconscious mind (the part of your mind that creates your reality), what would your ideal life look like, feel like, sound like, smell like and taste like?

A strange question? Not at all. Your subconscious mind dictates your behaviour by referencing your 'snapshots' or programs and your resultant behaviour creates your life. These snapshots, when taken together, create your view of the world and weave a normal life for you. You've got to give yourself something new and exciting that your subconscious mind can focus its attentions on. You - and your subconscious - makes sense of the world through the only interface that you have with the outside world - your five senses. In order to capture your subconscious mind's attention - and create a different life (the one that you really, really want) - you're going to have to speak to it in language that it understands. You're going to have to conjure up an image of what your ideal life would look like, feel like, sound like, smell like and taste like.

Your life is dictated by your beliefs in how the world works, the primary importance of money and your ability, or otherwise to have enough of it. Your beliefs are simply your snapshots. Change your snapshots and you change your belief system. In changing your beliefs you change your behaviour and, so, your life changes. This is not some 'magic potion' approach to changing your life - this is how your mind is already working for you (or, probably, against you) at present. The key is to excite your subconscious mind by giving it a new snapshot. Once excited, the real excitement in life will follow effortlessly - oh and by the way, your financial commitments will be more than adequately catered for.

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