Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Seeing Beauty in the Ordinary

Author: Andrew
Our view of the world is determined by our thoughts. Two people can look at something in completely different ways. Take two government employees for instance who works in a employment centre. The first employee only sees the bad things in his job, the customer complaints, the excessive filing, the time spent on the telephone.

The second employee takes a different view. He sees the benefit that his job is serving for society. He is helping people out, and helping people get back on track.

Both of the employees are correct in their thinking, yet the second manages to see the beauty and changes he is making through his ordinary job, the first employee doesn’t.

We can choose how we see our work and our lives. We can see them as ordinary, mundane, and repetitive, or we can see the beauty in the ordinary, and what differences you are making.

Today we want you to write a list of all the benefits that you are making in your life and in your work. Once you have done this think of all the activities that you have done, and write what enjoyment or benefit is derived from them. Once you know the benefit that your actions are causing, you then have the ability to think of the activity in the positive. You may not fully enjoy the activity, but you will accept that you have to do it because of the positive outcomes.

If the activity doesn’t have any positive outcomes that you can think of, chances are there are no reasons for you to do it!!!
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Andrew Collings is the founder of (a weekly self help, health and parenting ezine) and has over 10 years experience in self help, health and parenting. Andrew has a Degree and Masters in social science and has also completed post graduate management studies. During the day, Andrew works as a principal in a consulting firm, and has had numerous pieces of planning work published. He is married with three children, and currently resides in Melbourne, Australia. As a hobby he is a juggler and magician.

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