Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Success Must-Haves

Author: Melissa Roan

Everybody wants to get rich. For those who are rich already, they want to be richer. For those who are poor, they want to be rich. Being rich entitles a person with numerous benefits and privileges. When you are rich, you become powerful. You'll have VIP accesses in concerts, five-star hotels, high-end bars, and huge establishments. You would be known by more people without necessarily knowing them. You have the capability to do whatever you want in whatever way wherever you want.

But getting rich or richer is not an overnight job that when you wake you just suddenly see yourself bathing with tons and tons of cash. Reaching the peak is a lot harder being done than said. To become a successful person, you must possess the necessary characteristics that will definitely aid you towards the top.

Below are the five primary characteristics you must possess, always remember and live.

  1. Ambitious. What is your purpose of doing all this? What is your goal? What or who do you want to become? This characteristic pushes you to your limit. When you feel tired and pessimistic because all your plans have not gone so well, this ignites your passion back. Without this, you may as well just lock yourself in your room.
  2. Confidence. How can you do anything when you don't have this? This characteristic gets you going. Of course, you must believe in yourself, in your capabilities because if no one else who will believe that you can, you can always rely to yourself for confidence boost. If you don't any bit of confidence even just for yourself, then you cannot do anything to realize your ambition.
  3. Creativity. How will you make your dream a reality? You cannot just sit around with your ambition and confidence without doing anything, right? This characteristic tells you how things should be done to actually make good profit and benefit to you. The rich people are already making money for years. They have been a success for many times. And your creativity is your card to beat all of them.
  4. Patience. Being successful is easier said than done. Filling your pocket, wallet and your bank account is not a one-time shot. Even winning in lotteries requires hundreds of bets. So you must learn to be patient enough to wait until what you sow is ready to be reaped. Being patient also helps you to be more industrious. While waiting for the harvest time, plant more. By the time to reap comes, you'll be reaping more fields. This is hard to do but trust me, it pays to wait.
  5. Faith. Don't just believe in yourself. It's not enough. Believe also to God, Allah, or Goodness, whatever you want to call the Higher Being. We must admit that all humans can do is manual labor. We can't actually foresee what is going to happen in the future. So after all the work has been done, hope, pray and believe that it will bring back something good and positive to you.

These do not just apply to being successful in business but also in life. Of course, life is complex. Many things will happen that can screw your whole life up but don't just end there. Don't easily give up just because things have not been turning out the way you expected them to be. Remember those five listed above and you'll surely survive.

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