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There Is Power In Being United With People Who Share Your Vision

Author: Dave Rea

Sharing Your Vision

When people are united with a common purpose and singular vision towards the same goals, the possibilities become unlimited.  You will see changes in people and they will gain a confidence about themselves that wasn't realized before.
Before this can happen though, you must be willing to share your vision with others if you want to have a team that shares your values and common interests in succeeding.
By letting go of your ego and unifying with other people you will be a part of something bigger than yourself.
If you are in place of stalemate in your business, it is usually due to the fact that you are not uniting and you are letting your ego be the dead weight that is keeping you from moving forward.
To get past your ego you need to have a vision of where you are going in life that is so big that you have no choice but to submit to your ego and realize it's not all about you.
Let your ideas and the values you have help you fulfill the vision that you have and not give in to any particular concepts.
Realizing where you are at and being submissive to your vision is not to be thought of as a sign of weakness.  Quite the contrary as when you are in submission to a vision bigger than yourself, its as if you are unstoppable.
Holding on to our egos, refusing to unite because of our own insecurities is a sign of weakness and will ultimately cause you much pain in your business.
There is power to be had when you make the decision to unite and become part of a team and a community sharing one common goal and vision.

The Concept Of Surrendering To Our Vision

By not allowing ourselves to surrender to the process, we are actually getting in our own way and over complicating things which can easily affect the outcome of the successes we enjoy or failures we despise.
Understand that you are right where you are supposed to be in your business and it is a daily process of taking consistent action that will eventually reward you beyond measure.
There is no need to make your business any harder than it really is.  Simplifying the process will yield you much better results than trying to make it complicated.
It is not required that you be a guru and know everything about the space of being an entrepreneur before you get started.  What is necessary is that you just get started and correct your mistakes as you are moving forward.
Duplication is the key to residual income.
If you want the ability to create leverage in your life so you can start enjoying it then you need to understand its not all about you but rather the power of unity in your team.
What is your vision?
There is a difference in what you believe you have depending on what you really want to do and how far you want to go.
Having smaller sums of money with unlimited amounts of time freedom is much better than lots of money and no free time for yourself to fully enjoy it.
Learn to build an income stream that literally automates itself and perpetuates regardless of whether you are working or not.
A good question to be asking yourself is "Is your dream and your vision that which would be able to contain your teams' dreams  inside of your own"?
If your vision isn't big enough to contain that of your team's, duplication won't happen and your best leaders in your team will eventually leave to look for something bigger than the vision you have bestowed on them.
There is power in the unity of coming together and building a community with a culture and a vision that will have great impact on the masses rather than just a few at the top as has been the norm for too many because of people's refusal to let go of their egos.
Are you going to let your ego keep you from having real success in your business or are you going to give in to submitting to something bigger than yourself that empowers other people?
You should know the answer to that question and I hope you agreed with the second part if you truly have serious intentions of breaking free from the everyday burdens that are keeping you down.
Never compromise the outcome or lose sight of your vision.
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